I’m trying real hard to work on a new range of stuff but with my move imminent and no money whatsoever it’s gonna take a while ><

I have a fuckload of products to shift before I move, including half-finished or damaged goods and commissions that got abandoned so I’m gonna be posting some super-cheap clearance stuff in the next few days.

It would mean the absolute world to me right now if anyone buys anything, it’d definitely help me handle this move and get some great new things out soon!

4 Artists on Tumblr to look out for

So I just wanna do something fun and start using this blog for more than just giveaways and complaining about how poor I am so I thought I’d, give some shout-outs to some awesome musicians that are here on tumblr who you should all check out~

1. Aeon Fux

Doom-soul space-opera music with world class vocals and dreamy harmonic textures pitted against a Q-chord! One of my favorites right now.

Listen to her music: x

Follow her tumblr: x

2. DOx

Gritty and unforgiving EBM beats with elements of dance and industrial. I’ve had the pleasure of playing live alongside him collaborating on tracks with him. And being his gf.

Listen to his music: x

Follow his tumblr: x

3. Life Inversion

Another favorite, a good friend of mine (I’M SORRY I STILL HAVEN’T EMAILLED YOU BACK AHHH), and a hugely talented dude. Bluesy atmospheric soundscapes. Heart-wrenching and raw. Almost impossible to attach a genre to, but definitely unmissable music.

Listen to his music: x

Follow his tumblr: x

4. Spiivak

Multi-media queer industrial noise with amazing, esoteric visuals and mind melting experimental music and a progressive approach to gender and sexuality. Abrasive and provocative.  Plus one of the only industrial artists around right now that’s reminiscent of the original version of the genre. 

Listen to their music: x

Follow their tumblr: x

So these are my top four for now, but I’ll do another list next month :) Might make it a regular thing idk. Hope you guys enjoy the music!

- F

That was a total joke but man I like that idea, someone become a sponsor for The Imagi-Nation pls

Stuck in a dilemma where I have no money for supplies to make new things (whilst trying to move out).

And suddenly and randomly flooded with 8539580493 messages from people asking me to sponsor them, which I don’t mind, but a lot these people are not professional or even relevant to the style of my stuff they just want free shit.

Will someone sponsor me? Like make a donation to my business and get free shit in return lol

Before 1/4 of the people following me flutter away because they didn’t win the giveaway, do stick around because I’m already planning my next one!

I’m still working out the logistics and prizes, etc. but the next one will be a competition where the prize will be to model for The Imagi-Nation’s next range! I get a lot of people asking if they can model for me and this will be your chance!

It is NOT open yet but I will make the post for it in the next few weeks, and entry will be via reblogging post & submitting a short application to my inbox.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am! :)


I’m SO sorry the giveaway winner wasn’t announced yet, I’ve been super busy trying to find somewhere to live and stuff.

The winner is glittery-moonlight!

Sorry to everyone else, but I have a new competition coming up that you’re all gonna hopefully LOVE!

Anonymous asked: Hi I was just wondering if you were going to announce the winner for your giveaway soon?

omg yes I’m SO sorry, I’ll make the announcement now

You know you’re broke when you beg your mother not to throw out your sisters old pleather boots so you can harvest the material to make things out of it lmao

Someone come and be my mannequin so I can make lingerie on u pls 






I was gonna wait until I reached 500 followers for this but ah well, I’m feeling generous and want to raise some more awareness about my little store.

The Prizes:

  • The Dollhaus gas mask
  • A pair of pink Eye of Horus earrings
  • Some assorted bracelets
  • Mystery extras chosen from what I think you’d like based on your blog + handwritten thankyou

To Enter:

  • Must be following The-Imagi-Nation (I will check yep)
  • You can like the post for reference, but only reblogs count as entries
  • Winner will be chosen by me at random but I reserve the right to choose a new winner if I don’t hear back from you after a certain amount of time
  • I will cover the costs for shipping and will ship worldwide, but if an international winner covers the postage I will include extra prizes

Additional things you can do to win more:

  • Follow me on twitter (post a screenshot and tag as “spookyvioletta”)
  • Like my facebook page (post a screenshot and tag as “spookyvioletta”)
  • If I see you’ve done these I’ll add extra prizes :)

Any questions or anything I’ve missed out feel free to inbox me :) Goodluck all!

Not long left! Please enter if you haven’t already! :)

Do you have to be 18+?

No you don’t! :) You just have to have guardian’s permission to give your address :)